View Full Version : Need help choosing what style of play i should use for this team

12-22-2009, 06:57 PM
Hi everyone, i need help choosing what play of style fits with this team since me and a couple of friends play with a fantasy draft team in 2k10 so we have a bunch of different players on our created teams. The players that i have are lebron,kobe,ray,bosh,dalembert,Jamesharden,timthom as,mikejames,nickyoung,haywood,blatch
and please show me what i should increase or decrease in coach profile with that certain style.

DJ Co0Li
12-30-2009, 04:56 PM
about the starting 5 : pg ray sg james harden sf kobe bryant pf lebron james C Bosh

the starting 5 for me is this and i am pretty sure that you will do perfect and one advice for the starting 5 ... 2pt scoring and shoot 3pt only with obe to make em sure .... make good post moves with lebron and bosh and 2pt shoots or even 3pt with harden

01-01-2010, 02:10 AM
How the hell they let you get Kobe, Lebron and Bosh is beyond me. But I would have: PG: Ray (assuming thats Ray Allen), SG: Kobe Bryant, SF: James Harden, PF: Tim Thomas, C: Haywood. Run ur offense through Kobe and Ray, and don't forget that Tim Thomas can shoot aswell.

Bench: PG: Mike James, SG: Nick Young, SF: Lebron, PF: Bosh, C: Dalembert. With this lineup u should play post with Bosh, and dish out to either Young or Mike James. When they respect ur post play then turn Lebron loose.

This way u have fire power coming from both ur starting line up and bench. Starting Kobe and Lebron and Bosh at the same time would be pointless. Cause u can only score with one player at anygiven time. And if they all get tired your're in trouble when u put ur bench in against a team with some sure fire talent.

Just my style of play with that setup. As far a sliders I can't help sorry, I play on default sliders and adjust my game accordingly