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01-06-2010, 11:12 PM
so i made some trades in my association (after i fantasy drafted), all legal, and acquired Mehmet Okur and A Iguodala.. the only problem is that this game has a crush on my backups (wilson chandler and Joakim noah) and subs them in like 2 minutes into the game... and for whatever reason when i decide to put them back in, they are takin out in after a minute or so.... that and wilson chandler gets subbed in at any position but PF, and C.... just curious if its cuz i traded for them and they don't play as much and to why its happening... also how to "fix it" i guess... even when its a close game Iggy and mehmet dont play many minutes at all..
thanks all to who read.

DJ Co0Li
01-07-2010, 12:56 PM
do manual substitutes and fo wilson chandler ... man this guy is beast i was playing a day ney york knicks vs celtics and i scored 30 points with him 6 rebounds and 3 blocks on hall of fame dificulty i suposse that this guy is ver good ;p

01-10-2010, 03:44 PM
YA thats basically what i was thinkin for manual... was just wondering if there was more a way to controll playin time percentage without worrying about it during a game; but thanks for your offering a suggestion...and as for chandler.. i completely agree.. i havent worked up to hall of fame yet cuz this is the first time i've bought an nba game in like 6-7 years so i'm still gettin the controls (just bought on new years eve) and yea he drives well, shoots the outside well, and he avergaes like 12 points off my bench. i mena i dont mind him comin off my bench, but i have iggy who plays 5-6 minutes a game in 7 minute quarters. but ya.