View Full Version : tips on how to beat the cpu on hall of fame!

01-20-2010, 09:30 PM
first of all dont mess with any coaching sliders it will fuck you later trust me. 2nd of all dont hold the lock d button down continuously. stick your man following him without using turbo or lock d if he gets you out of position tap the lock d button which is left trigger or L2 button until he gets in a better position to make a play on the ball if the offensive player pulls up for a shot press the block button and move left stick in the direction of ball to alter shot. it really works dont ever use the contest shot with the right stick unless your guarding a post player down low. never mess with the double teams leave them at auto cuz if you change them the cpu will make you pay. i noticed wen i switched to never i cud neva dt properly or wen its switched to always your teammates wud dt at the wrong damn time. use your time outs effectively. also if your playing a team like the nuggets run your defensive lineups and quick lineups often cuz they have quit a few big men. i realized that on 2k no matter how much defense a person has speed will always win. another thing run a different defensive play everytime the cpu gets a possession keep them guessing. know when to switch thats pretty important. last tap the block button never pound it cuz pounding it leads to fouls tapping leads to good blocks from any angle just time it properly. these tips work ive been playing since yesterday and ive won 10 games lost 3 all on hall of fame difficulty with no slider adjustments. i repeat neva mess with coaching sliders cuz thats the way your team is suppose to play to reach their maximum potential.