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Denver nuggets:

Now to start this off first let me say that the denver nuggets is a team that you have to get shot releases down in order to dominate.They will have tons of players open all day so you need to be ready to hit some jumpers.

Tip #1:when shooting threes use the X button but for midrange jumpers use the right analog.For some reason my shot success is incredible while using this.

tip #2:When playing on ball never lock on to the dude UNLESS HE IS DRIVING TO THE RIM.the reason for this is because if you lock on on the perimeter what is the point if he isnt doing nothing but moving around,but if you wait till the player starts to drive then you will bump him back and start the process back over.

overall by positioning:

PG position:B+
SG position-C
SF position-A+
PF position-c+
C position:C+

Now as a team i would recommend running plays for this team and you guys are probably not liking it but this teams offensive weapons can really get cold and once that happens it is a pain to play the high flying offense that they have.Run plays atleast 30% of the time because if you want this team to be clicking then billups MUST score 10+ and it is very easy to.



Now since defense is a hot topic im going to start out with that.This team on paper is a mediocre defensive team,they have little bit of shot blockers not that many good on ball defenders and so on and so forth but to me this team gets the most deflections and steals then any other team,even more than the lakers,cavs.

The key to their defense is to run a 1-3-1 zone(SEE MY SLIDERS AT THE BOTTOM)and you want to control the PG and force your man to the baseline as much as you could then double team,but when you double dont just sit their,hack the dude but time your swipes so that it can be an easy steal.now if your DT doesn't happen quick enough then dont keep tapping the button just run back to you zone and get on your PF because a 1-3-1 can be exploited if you dont set it back up correctly so dont leave others open just grab your PF and make sure no passes gets into the paint and if the do DOUBLE IMMEDIATELY since your big men aren't good shot blockers.and with your PF you can try and DT If someone comes close enuff to your PF

Also on defense you could play man to man then when the opponent drives switch to a 1-3-1 and trap him and alot of TO'S could happen but its dangerous since a zone takes a while to set up and there may be someone open.

Offensive breakdown:
This team is one of a kind on offense,they have 2 bigmen that auto yams underneath the rim,the have the best offensive player in carmelo and 2 3pt specialists in afflalo and billups.The reason i say run plays is because carmelo is a beast but if you give him room he will make you pay.

the plays are the same as the defaults i mostly only use the PG-SF section and when i dont i just do pick N rolls and quick screens that ends in a pick N roll but the play i like the most is the screen drive(Y button in SF section) for the SF since it either gives melo an open shot(knock down) or an easy lane to the basket(candy yams)But what i like to also do is a play called triangle 5 corner three for billups and lawson because every time it is damn near a wide open shot.

Post up with anthony he has 90 offensive post and 94 low post shot!utilize his strengths dont just cheese him make the opponent guess what he will pull out of his hat.

Player breakdowns:

chauncey billups-Okay for this guy you want to get his shot down its release point is kinda long but not to late just practice.But chauncey is great for abusing small guards with his 59 opost and 67 low post shot and matter of fact the post up play in the point guards section is a play designed specifically for chauncey.learn post moves even basics like the up and under and you could make chauncey a 16 pt 5 assist type guy online.77 inside and 71 close is bad IMO he will miss basic things so dont go inside unless your planning to kick it out to the open guy.Run PG plays for him and get him easy jumpers,since he has a 79 Shoot off dribble you can pull up with him as soon as you get an open shot since he has a 80 midrange and an 85 3pt.great floor general with 95 ball security and 88 passing this guy will find anyone on the court.On defense he isnt slow but isnt fast neither so watch out while playing on ball not to get burnt but he does have an impressive 79 on ball D.with 84 for offensive and defensive awareness he will not make to many mistakes.FINAL GRADE-B

anthony afflalo-great defender with a 79 on ball d rating great defensive awareness and he is a knock down 3pt shooter,dont waste time creating for him he is just a solid player untill jr comes off the bench so dont use him unless on a fast break,defense,open shoot,underneath the basket or if you have a clear lane to the basket.FINAL GRADE:C

Carmelo anthony-Without out a question the best offensive player in the game,can score in more ways than kobe and lebron and he does it without having to cheese.When ever he is open dont be afraid to shoot he is lights out with an 83 midrange and 78 3pt,and those maybe good but how is he knock down? his release is incredibly easy very quick one so you cant mess up.Post him up get some up and unders and some hook shots and spins then run plays then pick n rolls to get your bigmen heated up and some iso plays.Utilize his fade away it is great for when he is on fire.Dont get him cold if he isnt making buckets then work inside with nene and martin and eventually melo will get back in rythm so dont force shots play smart.Great on the fast break since he can gets and ones,make tough shots and can even stop and pop.one thing people dont utilize is the pick N roll and if they do they cant run it right,instead of just passing to the cutter create with melo and shoot the ball if open and if not then post up your defender because this guy really is an auto scorer inside with a 91 inside shot 88 close makes him deadly and wen on fire he has 5 full bars in the paint lol.so play to his strengths and make him look impressive cuz this guy is an offensive master mind so with an 85 shoot off dribble and an 82 shoot in traffic,he is the most versatile offensive player oh yea along with an 99 offensive awareness,with recent rosters he has gotten better on defense but is still lackluster but gets tons of deflections.FINAL GRADE A

Kenyon martin-RUN pick n rolls finish at the rim,if someone is posting him up steal since he has a 79 steals rating and is one of the best zone PF since he always tips passes coming near him so great option but can be shut down on offense so watch out.FINAL GRADE:C+

NENE-nene is a great center,he can finish with a 90 inside shot rating and even yam it with a 79 dunk rating and with him and kenyon under the rim they both will with an 80 standing dunk rating,excellent midrange shooter with an 82 rating and a good low post player with 77 OPOST and 80 LPOST shot.bad shot blocker but great ball stealer with an 81 rating so if someone posts him up rip the ball and also is a below average rebound with 75/70 off/def rebounding so he wont get to many boards pick n roll machine when he cuts to the basket he can finish well and dont forget to use his jumper when open and to post him up occasionally to keep shuffling your opponents head with so many options to use.on defense just like K-mart he gets tons of deflections so zone is a good option(1-3-1).-FINAL GRADE-B-

Jr smith-This guy used to be an offensive guru but recently has fallen from grace,better midrange shooter than three now with 79 mid and 76 3pt so no more 10-15 3pt games but still is excellent on the break with his 87 dunK so he will get above the rim.pick n roll with him he is fast enuff to get around and finish hard at the rim.terrible and i mean terrible defender with an 51 on ball defense he is so bad im not going to talk about that side but great on the break and can hit some jumpers and finish inside with an 81 inside shot rating.Final grade-C

Anderson-Not the same defensive beast he used to be but still solid with an 87 block rating and 82 defensive awareness and also is a put back dunk machine with a 99 offensive rebounding and 80 defensive rebounding machine.81 dunk rating and 85 vertical meaning he will dunk on most 78 inside and 55 close is bad but he will hit a few buckets.last option most of the time but if he has a lane he will yam the ball hard so pick n rolls are a good idea.FINAL GRADE-C+

ty lawson-great point guard 93 speed and 95 quickness makes him good on the break,85 inside and 83 close makes him finish great inside and ontop of that he has a 83 midrange shot and 78 3pt bad defender but great backup.FINAL GRADE-C+

graham-just dunk with him on breaks or when he is open drive hard great inside with 83 inside shot an an 84 dunk rating,bad shooter so he is one dimentional.FINAL GRADE-D

Balkman-Injured so when he gets back i will do a single post for him

ZONE USAGE-100 50 for man to man


Tip #3:adjust your sliders for the situation. for the cavs you dont want 100 help d maybe at 80-90 and for lake show tun your pressure up for the shooters and d help up for kobe heads and etc etc

tip #4:If you go cold on offense call a timeout and put bench players in to get your starters heads right

tip#5 if your playing a kobe head then just put double teams to IN THE POST and when he is on the baseline double his ass and swat at the ball

run 1-3-1 or a man to man into a 1-3-1


02-26-2010, 05:00 PM
nice dude. ty. but i know a lot of offence for denver.

02-26-2010, 05:04 PM
yea denver offense is easy but it seems few ppl knows chaunceys release point that well

02-26-2010, 05:07 PM
nice guide agent0 but IMO i would go with Birdman over Nene in the starting line up for 2 reasons... #1 bird man is damn good paint presence defensively while nene is a liability. Especially if you know how to standing dunk cuz both birdman and nene can do it so birdman can actually provide you those consistent buckets, also birdman is the only legit rebounder on the team. #2 while resting your starters that rotation 2 has nene in there to be a force in the paint and to do some other things like hit the mid range, get steals, he is a play maker. I like to get birdman as many minutes as i can in the starting lineup.

02-26-2010, 05:18 PM
yea i see what your saying but paint D is no prob with the 1-3-1 since the nuggets are a deflection/steal team on defense that mean that any pass thrown inside can be stolen or tipped and nene is more usable with a post game jumper and standing dunk but anderson could start it is more prefference than actual skill so nice suggestion DPUNKS

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Loved it your awesome e man thank u!!!!!

02-27-2010, 10:04 AM
AZ thank u 4 ur time n effort well done

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02-27-2010, 11:37 AM
These sliders have to be classified as cheating lol
these team is ridiculous...
respect to you bro.

02-27-2010, 08:43 PM
By far the best alley oop team in the game. Mostly due to Billups, Smith, and Anthony.

02-28-2010, 05:57 PM
Nice Guide.