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Thread: The answer!! How to play great defense on nba 2k12

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    Thumbs up The answer!! How to play great defense on nba 2k12

    Defense Wins Games........ but it's hard as hell on 2k12!

    I've been researching how to play good defense on 2k12 for weeks now. I finally got the answer!

    I looked on Hoopsgaming forumns, Nba 2k12 websites, randome posts, editor blogs and finally after tests, labs, and reserach I can honestly keep most teams under 40 points a game, 30% three pointers, and under 40% fg.

    Here are all the links I saved with the Information.....

    Djeffectz Defense strategy Tips

    Sapida Insight

    Ksuttonjr Tips

    Willardjfilmore Tips (Scroll down to post #4)


    1) If a player keeps abusing the paint, the three, or his stars, use the Defensive strategy buttons to end that streak (I had a guy who had 10 straight points in the point, so I switched to lock down paint and he didn't score there anymore)

    2)Use L2 to D up players at three point line and inside the Three pont line. Use L2 + R2 to catch up to players or stop players on a fast break.

    3) USER CONTEST ALL SHOTS! (with the Right stick!!) you dont have to try to block shots, just put your hands up and they will miss

    4)Steal during the gather motion of a player (push steal right after the layup starts, but before the player enters the air.) or steal when pthe player is sprinting.

    5) You can let the CPU pick up the defender on fast breaks, or if the point guard is too Fast.

    6)Double teams can be used if you want (double with a guard and a big man, never a guard and a guard, and double in corners if you want.)

    7)only try to block shots in the paint or close shots (triangle button or Y button)

    8 Use Timeouts to kill momentum or end your cold streak (it actually works this year)

    9) Don't fall for head fakes (This tip I learned on my own, head fakes are the best offensive move in the game, if you don't fall for these, you increase your chances to win greatly)

    10)and lastly I will repeat #3 USER CONTEST ALL SHOTS (preferrably with the Right Stick, not the block shot button.)


    Defense is really hard this year. But also really fun and rewarding. I was very frustrated until I learned what I needed to do. I have always been horrible at guarding the user, but now I actually feel like I am better than the computer (That's becuase user contest are better than CPU contest according to the developers of the game.)

    There are more tips out there that I did not include (such as what camera angles to use, off-ball defense, using hands up on double teams, and more) but you can find all of this in the links I posted in great DETAIL. So I reccommend you take the time to actually read through all the links, you just have to use a mixture of all these tactics. I just tried to summarize all the info I found, and give you guys the links to read into the Detail of how to do all these tips.

    Good Luck Everyone!
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    Thank you for that knowledge. I'll try it out later.

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    awesome info Dreezy! we can never learn enough, Defense does win... Loving the Sapida Insight

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    Nice Thread And has alot of useful info.

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    cheers big breezy

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    cant stop those that just cheese the fuck out of one superstar all game cause 2k had to make it soooo easy to do that...

    I know all this and tried many different types of defense. it's almost hopeless. noobs can just take durant, melo, lebron etc and just run them around like clowns and score too easily. unless you use a top 3 defensive team you can forget about it.

    thank you 2k for fucking up sim basketball for everyone.
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    This would def be the thread of the month very detailed and really determined to get this info out to the HG fam
    much apprecaition need a better D scheme since run with DC.

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    Thanks for all the info man! Its great to see someone gather all the info into one thread.

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    no prob. hope it helps.

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    I like to double team single superstar squads if my opponent is abusing... for example D Rose..... for whatever reason the double team in 2k12 screws up the offensive player's movement even before the second defender arrives... But you have to be smart with it or you might get burned

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