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Thread: Offensive strategy

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    Offensive strategy

    When on offense, pressing L1 (LB) Offensive strategy comes up.
    They are all very useful and makes sense.

    What exactly is LEAK OUT ?

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    ur players leak out as in they start running up the court when ur opponents shot goes up, its to help jumpstart a fastbreak quickly

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    That's what I figured, just wanted to be sure... does anyone know if that strategy is effective, especially since rebounds are so important this year. Do all the players leak out, or do the bigs focus on the rebounds and the pg sg and sf leak out?
    Thanks Blah

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    I think it all depends on who's on ur team and if u like fast or slow paced. If u like to shoot on the break like i do, leak out could be good. just make sure u got good big men to rebound. If you have weak big men in rebounding (more offensive minded big men) then maybe crash boards is better because at least ur whole team will try to get boards, and it will make up for the lack of good rebounding C/PF. hope this helped.

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    Thanks Thilawij, sound good

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    No problem! As long as it makes sense to you, its all good.

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