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Thread: shot stick timing/real player fg%

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    shot stick timing/real player fg%

    I'm having trouble understanding this... (this is for shooting, not freethrows)... I mean, if I'm using real player fg%, does that mean I can hold onto the ball and awkwardly shoot at the last possible moment and it is just as likely to go in as with a good release? And if I'm using shot stick timing, does that mean if I release perfectly with a poor shooter, they'll become a good shooter??

    Or is it that both options are a mixture of the two, with the emphasis shifted a bit? I hope this is what it is!

    Thanks, any help appreciated.

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    you are 100% incorrect, go to practice mode go options turn on shot timing and every player is diff.. good shooters if u do perfect will hit a ton, esp in hot spots, it's very realistic.. so yes both timing and player ability is factored

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    so do you prefer to play that way, with the shot stick timing, is it better do you think? also I don;t know what part I said was incorrect, I guessed at many possible scenarios and don't know anything!

    thanks for the reply I'm just having trouble understanding. so are both timing and controls a factor in BOTH options? is my main question.

    I just don't understand why there are two options, I guess, because I feel it should always be a mix of shot timing and the skills of the person shooting
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    still dont see a good explanation ..the DIFFERENCE between shot stick timing and real player % ? wtf is the difference

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