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Thread: NBA 2k12 my player point guard help

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    NBA 2k12 my player point guard help

    I have a point guard my player, 3pt specialist and 6 foot 4. Drafted by rockets, got traded to Heat. average bout 12 points 2 rebounds and 2 assists a game, but thats cuz i dont play pg often cuz our team has too many. Just need tips on how to get better and strategies on how to be a better pointguard. thanks

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    You definitely need to learn how to create your own shots. That's definitely something that you are REQUIRED to learn in this game in order to succeed.

    How can you create your own shot?
    - You have to pretty much do a blend of crossovers, behind the backs, spin moves etc etc to get yourself open to get more points. Also, what you can do is always ALWAYS pass to the person in the post. For example, on the Heat, Chris Bosh or LeBron James in the post if they are. They'll work there way in. Sure, you won't be getting the assists all the time because sometimes they take FOREVER to get up the shot, the team WILL KNOW that you are an unselfish player and they will appreciate it.

    - Simple. The moment you see that the ball is going to miss, SPRINT downcourt and to the corners. Obviously, try and keep yourself open and the moment the oppurtunity shows itself, call for the ball and once you get it, if you're open shoot the 3.


    That's all I can talk to you about ATM.

    If you can give me your skill ratings it'd help me more.


    I personally have done a lot and I learned how to.


    27.7 PPG
    6 APG
    2 RPG
    2 BPG
    3 SPG

    Rookie of the Year.

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    TO Shak:

    Im brand new to this forum, but just picked up this game, and reading some of the posts on here had me laughing so hard...because I have said and done the exact some stuff playing this game. I have tried making 1 of every position since no matter how well you play in the Rookie are put out on the floor and expected to meet these ridiculous objectives if you hope to have any chances of gaining those cheerished XP points! My most successful player so far is a SG 6'8 199 lbs...drafted 13th to the Phoenix Suns. My center who was 7'1 230lbs was drafted 9th to Golden Gate but talk about a hard position to play if you want to feel like your contributing.

    I know this is going to sound hard to believe, but Im serious...I am currently a 64 rating....but Im averaging 27 minutes... 15 pts, 2 OR, 3 DR, 2 ASST, 2 BLK, and 2 TO's. I stared off with 4 - 6 pts a game, and so now Im usually ending the game with 22-26, which is why the avg of 15 seems low. Honestly, the defensive is hard, but it doesnt seem unfair ALL THE TIME...but yes I get 3 drained on me constantly, and the movement of my guy can be choppy causing wide open lanes or free men. I would strongly suggest going to options and select for the CPU to run plays and the have ALL plays shown on the will show you were to go 80% of the time and the other 20% you can do as you please..but it resembles real have to keep moving...and CALL for a pass if you think your open...but calling to much reduces your game grade or calling in what the CPU deems the wrong time does too. But I am having the hardest time dunking and layups....Ill have wide open lanes and then right before I take off...some guy slides into my way and the ball gets knocked loose....and my game grade just gets killed...but my Handling rating is only Im sure once you get going its not as bad...

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    I am a 6'4 PG/SG, drafted 1st round, 7th pick by the Phoenix Suns. After about 6 games, I'd have enough of never being played a minute in the point guard position. I requested a trade and seen the Miami Heat were interested in me and thought to myself I could easily take Mario Chalmers spot. One thing I didn't know is they would make a horrible trade of me, George Gray and Steve Nash for Mario Chalmers and CHRIS BOSH. Once I went there, after about another 3 games, they gave me the position of point guard of my immediate stardom. At the moment, I have played 43 games and average 37.6 points (Best in league), 8.5 assists (Third in league), 5.4 rebounds, 1.1 blocks, and 4.4 steals. (Best in league) I am currently 1st place in the MVP and ROY award and 3rd in defensive player of the year. One thing you have to know as point guard is that you have to be the biggest supporter in every way possible.

    Scoring: This is probably the easiest part for me. My most common method of this is a medium jumpshot. This is the best way to score for a point guard. Just look at Russel Westbrook. He has mastered the art of his signature transition pullup. My favorite shot is the escape dribble pull up. Call an isolation for yourself and work your way to the free throw line. After that hold L2 (LT for Xbox users) and pull the left thumbstick away from the basket, and then pullup for a free jumper. For some odd reason, the CPU pauses there like a sitting duck when I do this move and when you have 90-99 on your medium jumpshot, it's pretty much automatic.

    Assist: This might be a little it more challanging.. Most people just call pick and rolls and pass the ball with no thought of defense resulting in a turnover. Believe it or not, but calling a isolation is the easiest way for an assist, especiallyif you're on a scoring rampage. One thing you need to know is how I use the iso-motion moves. When you can learn to get past the defenders of 2k12 who play excellent defense, that's when you'll make it in the NBA. When you can get to the rim and see the defenders helping, kick it to the open defender. If you have LeBron and D-Wade on your team like me, they will drive to the basket and get an and-one like like a drink of water.

    Rebounds: This is the part I hate. The only way to do this to box out. I can't stress this enough. When you box out it can create rebounds for you and your teammates who are horrible, no matter what team you are on.

    Wrap-up: You can't play this game like it's 2k11 or 2k12. You have to play real life basketball. Pass the ball. You don't have to be the main option every time down the court. The reason your teammates seem so stupid is because you do that. Pass the ball, give it to the post, isolate your star player, very thing you can and you will be on top.
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    Also if you're a PG, check out your plays! Some plays you only have to make one pass and it's an assist to a sharpshooter.

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