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Thread: what Happened to Rondo

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaNiAkOnE View Post
    Rondo played with 3 potential hall of famers. They made him look alot better than he really is in my opinion. He can't shoot the rock for sh*t . If he would have came into the league on a mediocre team nobody would have given him the hype that he has had in past years. Plus he came from the dirtiest program in America (Kentucky) so Rondo gets no Luv from me anyways.
    I think you are wrong. Have you not seen how quick and how well rondo gets to the rim? He is still one of the best in the league at driving. Rondo being hurt that last game in the East Semis last year, you could see they were worse without him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeastMode123 View Post
    Im not trying to anger any Rondo fans but it seems like rondo lost his flare that made him so special to people awhile back. I mean he finishes around the rim as good as anyone in the league but it seems that he matured more and he stopped with his flashy passes. He passes just like any other Point Guard. What do yall think about Rondo because it seems like he fell off the discussion of best PG in the league?
    I'm hoping you've seen the match against the Knicks today. 18 points 20 assist 17 rebounds. If the guy stopped making flashy passes that doesn't mean it would hurt his assist in the game.

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    Months later are you still thinking Rondo has lost it? Rondo's the only one out on the fast break on his team because the big 3 are old as dirt now.

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