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Thread: Allen Iverson

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    Thumbs down Allen Iverson

    how many people think iverson is hard to score with? cuz when u get blocked u automatically turn cold, which is unlike him, and u start to miss easy shots, which is unlike him too. and then u have to stop to shoot, when in real life he shoots while running. his fadeaway is so stupid cuz the ball is right in front his face, so its even easier to block than just doin his regular jumpshot. bigger guards average about 2.5 blocks per game off of that stupid animation where they slide in front of u and block the ball...and can anyone tell me how to pick the ball...the computer duz it to me all the time when they put on full court press...all they do is put defense on me then magic they poke the ball right away from me leavin me helpless

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    ya bro, i think he's hard to score with...i played with the nuggets last night and he was like 2 for 7 from the 3 (i usually make shots with him) and every time i went for a lay up or mid range shot i got blocked...he was cold for like 2 pissed me off...its okay cuz melo put up 38 and nene was jammin on people :-D

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    Its hard to shot with him, they need to fix his shoot, and Mcgrady shot too, these dudes make jumpers all day in real life, come on how can dirk shoot better than both of them from the mid-range just BS. and dont get me started on Lebron unbelieve shooting, Kobe cant even do what his is supposed to be doing in the game

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    yea i cant believe lebron got a way better jumpshot than AI...91 mid-range 2K? dont wanna hate on lebron but he duznt even belong in the 80s

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    please stop playing with him if u cant use him, n dont say you can because there would b no complaints, but i actually enjoy playn wit iverson

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    nuggets is my favorite team...iverson is my favorite player...i dont have a problem playing against actual people, but the computer seems to kno how to prevent him from doin what he u shoudnt tell me anything bcuz i kno ill tarnish u jus like i do everyone else

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    WRONG SECTION!!! form search for iverson

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