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Thread: overpowered players

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    Quote Originally Posted by blahblah7 View Post
    Wouldnt say sessions or ariza or illyasova are overrated. Sessions for sure arnt but idk the other two's stats but i dont think theyre over rated
    Maybe Illyashova hasnt good stats, but in bucks he's now the most regular. When u r dubled u can pass him, or in him cuts he cant miss! (sorry for my shitty english .-.)

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    My new team:

    PM: J.Jack 75 NOH, D.Harris 73 UJ
    G: P.George 77 IND, D.DeRozen 72 RAP, G.Green 69 NJN
    AP: T.Will 72 SAC, T.Ariza NOH, A.Gee 67 CAV
    AG: T.Thomas 73 CBO, D.Favors 70 UJA, J.Evans 56 UJA
    C: J. McGee 70 DEN, L.Sanders 65 MIL

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    what does sanders and illashova do that makes them OP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyhustler208 View Post
    what does sanders and illashova do that makes them OP?
    Sanders is unstoppable in the paint and i have always 90% with illashova, but offcourse he'snt the best one

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    Harden now... dude can ball
    Hidden Content Boomer Sooner. Thunder Up.. Fly Eagles Fly...

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    kendrick perkins.he does shit he never did in real life on got him lookin like slick dwight

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