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Thread: "You do not meet requirements to have a myplayer account and play online.."

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    Just delete all of the data for 2k14 like others said n prolly all da other 2k stuff and when birthday shows up just have him put over 18... Vc doesnt carry over from previous 2ks so dont have to worry bout deleting 2k13 one..
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    Quote Originally Posted by tatkid72 View Post
    That's why, His birthday is too young to play online..Just have him put your birthday at my player set up
    he plays COD and played nba 2k13 all last year with his friends (<1 online. so not sure that's what's going on. might there be something new with the 2k servers. i remembers the ea servers were rigid and he couldn't (can't) play Madden

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teaim Player View Post
    Damn, thats kinda what I said from the very beginning, LOL. You have to make your son older online so he can be eligible to play. We've probably confused the crap outta this poor guy, smh. but it still wont hurt to delete that data Peters4N6. He dosent need it and its just taking up space.
    you know what's do i change his b'day? that doesn't explain how he's played COD and 2k13 without problem last year. little bit confused, but a fast learner! thanks again

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    Does it work peter4n6? I am having the same problem WHY DID THEY HAVE TO MAKE IT LIKE THIS

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    Should I just make a new XBox account? THis is so annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by HM2 360 View Post
    Does it work peter4n6? I am having the same problem WHY DID THEY HAVE TO MAKE IT LIKE THIS
    HM2 360 -- don't know (yet) . i'm at work (at this rate likely to be fired) and son is at home. i'm txting him solutions. should know later. sorry for you, but glad to hear we're not the only one's with a problem, but begs the question:

    did you play 2k13? online? without problem? is your error message with 14 the same? are you over 18?

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    i did play 2k13 online without a problem online, the requirements msg comes up and I am not over 18 and i am trying to change my settings online on but that isn't working

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    But my bigbrother can play online and he played 2k13 online
    yep same house

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    did u try to delete game data like these other guys suggested?

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    how old is your big brother? is he in same house? same router/internet connection?

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