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Thread: Arbitration?

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    What does this mean?

    I was playing as the nuggets and the dude I was playing with was the Lakers

    It was the 4th quarter and I was up by like 25 pts, he pauses the game and then that waiting for opponent (32) thing starts, and it takes me to some menu asking if I wanted to abort the game or submit to arbitration?

    What's gonna happen now, I clicked submit to arbitration. I didn't get the win
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    Always press no if the guy wants to quit, because then if he quits you get the win, if you press yes it means you're ok with him leaving the game and nobody recieving a win. Also if the countdown begins and the game exits to the menu, the guy just disconnected his xbox or dashboards it so in a few hours you would recieve the win for that game. Also don't sumbit to arbitration, go to abort.

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