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Thread: 99 My Player Overall Glitch???

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    Lightbulb 99 My Player Overall Glitch???

    Does anyone know how to get your my player to 99 the easiest way i have heard of many different glitches can someone tell me someHELP

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    Here's the easiest glitch. Play the game the way its supposed to be played and dont cheat. Scrubs always tryna glitch.

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    dont cheat noob just play the game and enjoy the competition

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMercer3267 View Post
    Here's the easiest glitch. Play the game the way its supposed to be played and dont cheat. Scrubs always tryna glitch.
    Sounds good to me bro. Sounds good to me...

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    Agreed, Its so much more fun to play the normal way

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    Red face

    me too because y cheat it loses the point of myplayer do u think the people who made myplayer were wanted people to cheat no that made it so it wound be a challenge

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    to be fair...

    what's wrong with doing whatever you like when you're playing a game in 1-player mode all by yourself? it's not like developing the patience to grind out one and a half seasons of my player mode is going to save somebody's marriage.

    if anything, the time spent screwing around on your xbox (if there's more important stuff you should be doing) is gonna be a larger detriment than anything gained from the experience.

    I don't mean to be overly critical here, but it seems a little misguided to unload a pile of Larry Brown style "play the right way" on some guy in this particular context.


    To answer the OP's question: I have no idea. It generally takes me about a season and a half to get enough skill points on the XBox version to get a legit 99 overall dude. Honestly, I tend to get pretty much unstoppable before I actually hit 99, so eventually it gets to be a matter of "what skills haven't I maxed out yet?"

    The only thing I can think of is just the basic strategy of using your drills to get the most expensive stuff, but that's just economizing, you know?


    EDIT: Nevermind. The OP posted this literally YEARS ago.
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    dude.... u seriously made an account on here trying to find a glitch....smh.....what niggas would do for anything these days

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    heh heh, he made and account 2 years ago, posted 4 times in total and he's STILL getting crapped on for this post

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