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Thread: My Player Small Forward Questions

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    My Player Small Forward Questions

    I've pretty much made a character in all the positions; PG, SG, PF, and C. But I haven't made a small forward yet. So I'm planning on doing so.

    What would be a good height as a small forward? Should I start start as an Athletic small forward and pump skills points to max out my layup first, or should I start at Athletic and pump points into my shooting?

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    I preferred a 6'7 Defensive SF when I played 2nd time around.. Was hard to get skill points being an Athletic SF with no skill (think DeRozan like without the dunking) so went defensive played my role and turned into a beast early on. How you make em should reflect how you like to play. Def look to up your OFF/DEF AWAR + Shot Close first to get some easy paint layups and off ball steals

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    well, i'm playing an athletic SG now and get most of my "good teammate" points on taking good shots - e.g. blowing by my dude and getting to the rim. so your advantage against SFs is going to be even greater with this strategy because they're even slower.

    so my thinking is get yourself up to maybe 6-9 and get your speed into the 80s and then focus on getting your SiTr and layups up high enough that you can score some of those "good shot attempts" that you take. then get your man-defense and dawr up so you can stop your guy from just dribbling past you and getting you tons of "allow your man to score" penalties.

    shooting from the outside is penalized because it's an opportunity cost - even a miss on the inside can net you points in the teammate bonus while the made shot from outside doesn't give you that very often at all.

    and be sure to box out your dude all the freaking time as soon as the ball goes up. easy teammate bonus, especially if you were covering him tight already.

    hope that makes some sense. shooting the outside shot doesn't seem to get you very far in my player mode. just played a game where i was tasked to take 6 jump shots and i ended up with a "C" teammate rating after the first quarter even though i was 4 for 6 from mid range - usually I'd have worked my way to a "B" by then even if i was 3-10 on missed/blocked layups.

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    the only way to go in my player is PG and I've always thought that because of your ability to call iso and other plays. If I were to make any player thought I would set him at the max height because the added inches are so worth the like...5 pts you lose for incresing his height 9 inches lol. I really notice very little difference in the skill point distribution when you make your dude tall.

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