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Thread: What is Defensive/Offensive Awareness

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    What is Defensive/Offensive Awareness

    What do these mean? How do they impact the game? Do these work seperately from steal,block,rebound on defense, and the same on offense?

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    Offensive Awareness:
    When your being double teamed, you'll have longer to make a pass before it's stolen or stripped. Meaning you have a player who can find the open man for an open or better shot---They also know where they need to be on plays (quick or drawn up) to have the best possible shot.

    Defensive Awareness:
    This is basically your shut-down defender (perimeter/post) rating (i.e. Artest, Prince, Battier) the higher the rating, the more likely the offensive player will miss their shots, also very effective when coming to help out on traps and double-teams. Definitely harder to drive by these types of players meaning you will have to run plays or call for screens (which these guys try to fight over---and it may cause moving screen calls) but the only way to counter them is to move the ball around...
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