Just finished 2nd season of My Player and I'm wondering if you ever get your status changed from "Starter" to "Star."

I mean, I brought the freaking Pistons two titles with a PER in the 60s, 2MVPs, a DPOY and while scoring 80% of their points... So I'm guessing it's not in the programming (like how my contract doesn't exist...)

I'm playing pre-patch so let me know if they fixed this somehow.

Off-topic, but my coach got dumped in favor of Lionel Hollins of Memphis Grizzlies fame... I mean, Joe Dumars is a Stone Cold coach killer to dump John Kuester for a slight stats upgrade after a 72-1 COY, championship season. Harsh!

BTW, has anyone had their suggestions ever acted on by management? If they're unrealistic, it'd be cool if they let you know, or gave you an opportunity to let em know if you're cool with something before they pull the trigger...